‎Goblin Tools on the App Store

‎Goblin Tools on the App Store

The app goblin tools is freaking amazing for communicating, figuring out problems, estimating sub tasks and times…seriously learn the features for free online and then if you find it helpful (you will) buy it as an app for $5. Not a $5 subscription but $5 forever. Plus it’s developing live via the super ethical and genus web designer (who’s also working on a social media platform). The app is extra helpful for writers and neuro diverse people, but also people wanting to get better at eating healthy and cooking, more affordably! Really I think there’s something in there for everyone. Another great feature-summarizing messages and explaining the tone and intention. If you’re confused about what a text means…this will answer your questions! It can also make your text more casual, professional, more conscience, etc.

I cannot promote this enough. There is ethical AI and technology! Don’t be scared of it, or intimidated, learn it and make your life easier!! 💜

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