‎Practice Lock on the App Store

‎Practice Lock on the App Store

Such a nice app for to play with even if you are bored and have nothing to do the only thing I want so bad on this app Is sound so when every-time you unlock the lock it will make a sound also please add a option where everytime you unlock the lock it will randomize the lock every time this can be both options for like a setting one can be Lock sound and other for Randomize number every-time you finish the lock I hope this gets added as a feature thanks

Edit: when is this update going to be pushed out for the public like is it still in development for the new suggestion or has it to be another few months for it to be finished with for the new update.

Second Edit: Thanks for implementing that randomization for every time it gets completed, is there a way you can make it an option in the settings or will that be hard to implement because everytime you complete the lock you have to click randomize yourself do you know what I mean by making it option it will make it kinda easier to randomize.

Hi Pacey – Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you’re enjoying the app. I like your suggestions and will try to incorporate them next update.


Edit: In the latest update I added an option to randomize the combination between unlocks. Thanks again for the suggestion! No time estimate yet, but I’ll add sound effects as soon as I can.

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