Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ event video was shot on iPhone

Apple's 'Scary Fast' event video was shot on iPhone

In tech, ‘dogfooding’ means using your own stuff in the way you intend for your users to, which is helpful to make sure your stuff lives up to your marketing claims. Apple dogfoods in a number of ways, but one particularly visible way it’s doing that is with the event video from today’s ‘Scary Fast’ pre-Halloween keynote, which introduced new M3 Macs, including the latest MacBook Pros and iMac. The entire pre-recorded event video was shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max – including the aerial drone shots – which is a flex for a company that can literally afford the best production equipment and gear available to anyone, anywhere.

Image Credits: Apple

It’s particularly impressive not knowing that going into the video, because it looks honestly fantastic. From the opening sequence, which include some celebrity cameos like Issa Rae, to the more traditional shots from inside and around Apple’s spaceship campus, the color rendering, lighting and everything else all look fantastic.

Of course, Apple isn’t doing this with an iPhone just handheld without any additional gear: There’s obviously pro lighting, audio and dolly equipment involved here. Regardless, it’s still amazing how much this backs up the claims of a lot of professional video creators these days, that the iPhone can increasingly replace even pro-level dedicated capture hardware. The iPhone 15 Pro line has really elevated the game even further, and Apple’s dogfooding in this instance proves that probably much more definitively than anything else they could do (sorry Olivia Rodrigo), now that they’re in the business of creating some of the slickest product marketing launch videos in the business.

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